FreshBooks FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Freshbooks integration.

Account creation logic (Chart of Account)

When a new account is generated, it initially functions as a sub-account. At this stage, the UUID is automatically inserted into the name field. If a user intends to retrieve the item they have created using the sourceObjectId, they should perform a filter operation based on the name field.

Reconstructed statements limitations

FreshBooks limitation doesn't allow Railz to provide cash-based reconstructed statements.

Expenses creation limitations

  • FreshBooks limitation doesn't allow Railz to provide more than one line per transaction.
  • When creating expenses in FreshBooks if a new merchant is added, this merchant is not automatically added to your existing vendor list. As a result, when you retrieve expense information, you'll notice that the field is populated to reflect the merchant's name, but the field will remain empty because the merchant is not recognized as an existing vendor in your list.

Known issues

  • Accounts created earlier than October 2022 are providing account name instead of uuid in the account_sub_name field
  • The Expenses endpoint is not returning accountRefId and accountRefName.
  • The Journal Entries endpoint can return some unbalanced Journal Entries. It is a known issue and FreshBooks is working on fixing it.