Railz Connect ™

Railz Connect™ is a plug-and-play widget that provides a secure, elegant authentication flow for each accounting service provider that Railz supports. Railz Connect™ makes it secure and easy for users to connect their accounting data to Railz.

You also don't have to worry about maintenance since all new supported accounting service providers are added automatically. The design and the user flow can be customized, depending on your use case and customer experience.

Railz Connect™ is a component of your app that needs to be added in a web view. No hosting or additional server is needed.


Already using our old iFrame version of the widget?

We are planning to deprecate the original Railz widget in the coming months. At this point, we are offering our existing clients the possibility to try out and smoothly transition to the new Railz Connect™.


Supported Browsers

Railz Connect is only supported using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you have issues using Railz Connect in other browsers, please try again using one of our supported browsers.

Flow Overview

Railz Connect Authorization Flow. Click to Expand.Railz Connect Authorization Flow. Click to Expand.

Railz Connect Authorization Flow. Click to Expand.

The end-to-end integration requires client-side and server-side configurations.

  1. Your application initiates the widget through a unique widgetId and a businessName.
  2. User successfully connects an accounting service provider using Railz Connect™.
  3. User is redirected to the landing page.

About widgetId

The unique widgetId is provided to you in the Railz Dashboard and identifies your instance of Railz Connect™.

About businessName

The businessName corresponds to a unique business name that you provide to identify the business authorizing access to their accounting service provider. This will allow you to specify which businesses you want to request data on when calling the API.

If no businessName was provided when initiating Railz Connect™, Railz will generate a unique identifier.


We recommend using a businessName when initiating the widget, otherwise, you will need to rely on the new connection webhook event to identify the generated businessName.

If your application workflow doesn't support identifying a business name when initiating Railz Connect™, we recommend using our widget session API to generate a unique businessName that you can use to initialize the widget.


Don't need the Widget?

Some of our customers will opt to complete a full custom API integration rather than use Railz Connect™. See our Railz API Reference for more details on how to use the API for creating connections.

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